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Shocking! Photos of Children Lying on Top of Drag Queen at 'Storytime' Event

Photos allegedly taken down by library after images were called out

An Oregon public library allegedly took down photos from its Flickr account showing children lying on top of a drag queen at a "storytime" event after the images were called out in a report by LifeSite News.

The outlet said the photos showing drag queen Carla Rossi at St. John's Library in Portland last October and were posted on the Multnomah County Library's Flickr account. LifeSiteNews added that the photos were taken down after its report ran Monday — but the outlet preserved the images in a link and warned that the images depict "child abuse."

A Facebook user posted the images in question prior to the LifeSite report and wrote, "I wouldn't let my kids crawl on top of random strangers no matter how said strangers are dressed."


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