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Plague! Huge snake-like worm species invading Georgia

Georgia is currently experiencing an infestation of an invasive species of snake-like, carnivorous worms, according to wildlife experts.

Hammerhead worms, also known as shovel-headed garden worms, have been popping up across the state, including more than 100 sightings in Atlanta alone, according to reports.

The worms, which can grow to be a foot long, primarily feed on earthworms but will “prey on other soil dwelling invertebrates,” University of Georgia agriculture extension agent James Murphy told CNN.

Scientists say if you encounter a hammerhead worm, you should not chop it up to exterminate it. These worms have the ability to regenerate a new head at the cut location.

Researchers have also found that the worms produce a similar neurotoxin as pufferfish, but are unsure if the poison is used to disable its prey or defend itself against larger predators.


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